Top 3 ways to sell your home quickly in Cleveland

Selling your home can be intimidating. Even if you’ve done it before there are many factors that can add stress and make the process overly complicated and make you want to never move again. From home inspections to appraisals, the steps involved are necessary most of the time but the stress doesn’t have to be. Depending on your situation these three tips can give you a head start on selling and possibly save you a ton of time.

  1. Set an accurate price.

Far too many home owners try to shoot for the moon when pricing their home and come down later if necessary. This strategy can actually drag the process out and turn away prospective buyers. Allowing your agent to set an accurate price based on homes that have sold recently in your area will attract more buyers and many times create a situation where there are multiple bids and a higher actual sale price. The result is your home spending less time on the market and more $ for you.

  1. Sell to an Investor.

Selling to a real estate investor is one of the least known ways of selling property but it is by far the fastest. This method is not for everyone, but if speed is the goal then selling to an experienced investor is a great way to go. Their ability to buy with cash and close in as little as two weeks is something you will only experience with them. Real Estate Investors are a great resource in situations where there is some type of issue either with the home such as, significant repairs needed, extensive clean up etc. or in situations where help is needed such as an inherited home or a rental property that someone is tired of maintaining. Investors are masters of dealing with these issues and doing it quickly.

  1. Crank up the curb appeal.

When people are looking for a home either online or in person, the first impression is lasting and can be the difference. You might be thinking “I don’t have a ton of hours to spend doing landscaping” or “I don’t want to spend a thousand dollars on plants that don’t add any value to my home!” this type of thinking is what hinders many people from putting their house on the market at all. The sad thing is that giving your house great curb appeal can easy and cheap. This topic deserves its own article….and I will write it soon but for now here are a few easy ways to add curb appeal. 1. Paint the front door. Either a fresh coat of the same or something new that pops, Yellow, Red or my favorite, lime green. Pick which ever goes best with your house. This works best for making your house stand out online. 2. Trim the bushes in front and add mulch. This should only take a few hours depending on your home and adds tremendous appeal. Go with black mulch for maximum contrast with your grass and plants. 3. Edge your front lawn. You don’t need anything more than a hand edger and an hour or so but the difference is huge. These three things together will make your house ready for pictures and give prospective buyers a great first look.

So there it is folks, if you’re looking to sell fast this list is a great reference to get your property sold FAST. For more info on selling to an investor please visit my website at and schedule a no obligation free consultation.

Thanks and good luck!

Sam Scaparotti